heART struck-when the artist's work and your heart connect

East Cliffs Sedona Arizona

Here is what my Dad wrote about this piece which he painted in his bathroom and still is on the wall in my Mom’s home in Wheaton, IL.

This is a wall mural painted in Barry’s home and is about six feet wide and two feet high. It is painted in acrylics.

The mural is based on the view Barry has often seen facing north and east from his timeshare condo in west Sedona Arizona.

The vistas in the Sedona area are astounding, vast, and inspiring, hence the need for a larger scale painting. The centuries of rock strata are laid exposed like pages in a closed book that is viewed on edge. Like a book, these “pages” reveal an amazing story of an age old process. There are black and gray lava layers which “cap” the cliffs. Below these are thousands of feet of sandstones that range from deposits in marine environments to deposits of desert sand dunes that were cross-bedded from being blown by the wind. Of course, the weathered and eroded shapes are evocative, dramatic, and tell of millions of years of changes and varied natural forces at work.

What a challenge to capture all this in a painting! Barry is sure that this will be the first of a series of paintings, since that process will be needed to fairly represent the feelings the Sedona area invoke in him. It is truly a “heart longing” experience.



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