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Golden Glow Afternoon

Here is one of the first water color paintings my dad did which he asked me to critique.

Although assembled from scenes at two places on Oak Creek near Sedona Arizona, this painting is still a true representation of many places along this wonderful river. Specifically, the lighting was experienced late one afternoon as the sun reached the top edges of the canyon in which Oak Creek runs. Things that were not in the direct sun light were dark, creating an almost moody feeling. Yet, those things still lit by the sun were aglow with a beautiful golden light so typical of late Sedona days.

The composition design process was interesting for me in that I tried to emphasize the drop in the water level as the creek backed up behind the rocks. To reinforce that feeling, I exaggerated the rock pile at the far bank, and I designed the far bank and trees on it to reflect the same curved drop in height.

While the tree trunks and rocks are carefully rendered, the grass, flowers, and water are much more expressive. In the water, this captures the dancing and flowing feeling the creek gives a viewer. I love this kind of scene so much, in part for the strong feelings I had when there, watching the light change minute by minute. I am sure I will paint other versions of this scene in the future.

This is a transparent watercolor painting done on 100% cotton rag Strathmore Gemini 300# cold pressed paper. It is 13″ by 19″.


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