heART struck-when the artist's work and your heart connect

Memorizing the Moment 2

All the artwork on this website is by my Dad, Barry Sweeny – a 32 year Wheaton, IL resident who recently passed away March 6th of this year. My Dad was not in pain when he died (at Central DuPage Hosp from chemo complications) and we were literally surrounding him holding hands, hugging and in tears as he took his last breaths. He was an art teacher for 22 years and a professional artist with awards and exhibits to boot. This my Father’s artwork which he loved to plan, create, exhibit and explain to others. Read more about my Dad Barry Sweeny.

This website is dedicated to my Dad Barry’s love for creating artwork – combining creativity and finding the connection to nature within us all through this artwork he called that “HeART Struck” or “HeArt Longing”-when the artist’s work and your heart connect!

This idea was defined in both of his “Memorizing the Moment” watercolors.

Here is what my Dad wrote about this piece.

So many times I have been traveling and found amazing, gorgeous places where God just seems to placed a special blessing on the scene. Frequently, for me, such a place involves water, trees, rocks, sunlight and shadows, maybe mountains.

When I am in such places, I usually find myself drawn to it like a magnetic force!
I truly feel such magical places to be small glimpses of Heaven and I praise God for such a window into my future.

I also feel that I can’t stand to leave such a place – it is just to beautiful and awesome! That feeling I have is why I have named my art business the “HeART Longing Studio”, for that is exactly what we feel in such moments.

This painting was not done from a sketch or photo of a specific place. It is the combination of many such places, all richly and indelibly burned into my memory. That memory is poured out here in this painting to express the magical feeling of trying to “memorize the moment” so I can bring it back home with me and never lose it.

I bet that you too have felt this way and so, can relate to this painting and the feelings it is intended to evoke.

We’ve all “been there and done that”! We all are the person sitting in this scene.

The work is primarily done in transparent watercolors with a few tiny areas of opaque color to bring out some highlights. One of the biggest artistic challenges of this painting was the tricky color contrast between the reddish rocks, the green forest and the blues of the sky and water.


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