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Late Light in Oak Creek Canyon

I know my Dad was on this never ending search for how to create the perfect water with paint. This example does justice for sure.

Although it is somewhat an exaggeration, this scene came from an experience I had walking along Oak Creek, at Arroyo Robles Resort, in Sedona Arizona. This is one of my all time favorite places and I try to return there every year that I can. I know exactly what Zane Grey meant when he titled the book he wrote near here, “Call of the Canyon”. It calls me too, to come “home”.

At this particular time, the late afternoon light barely made it diagonally down between the two walls of the canyon and spilled across a small section of Oak Creek as I watched. It lasted just two or three minutes and was at it’s most intense for only about one minute.

I did take several reference photos, but none did this scene justice. Only by working with the images in my mind could I even come close to the amazement of the scene. What a gift to see it and to try to share!

The painting is a transparent watercolor, done on Arches 140# cold pressed 100% cotton rag paper, and sized about 13″ by 16″.


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