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Oak Creek Mud Cracks and Rocks

My parents loved Sedona, AZ. It seems like most of my Dad’s artwork was featuring images from Sedona. This piece was no exception.

Here is another watercolor painting done from images I saw while walking along Oak Creek near Sedona Arizona. This particular scene greeted me late one afternoon as the light slanted deeply across the scene. I was near the famous Red Rock Crossing area west of Sedona. Fortunately, I had my camera and was able to freeze the wonderful moment.

Most of the red rocks in the area cliffs are sandstones, but the very top edge of the canyon is capped with black and sometimes gray hardened lava. That leads to some very odd arrangements down in the creek bottoms. The red sandstone erodes quickly to sand and silt, but the hard basalt weathers to amazing rounded, pitted boulders and cobbles. In this specific case, it looked to me as if the rocks were being ‘born’ from within the red mud. In fact, I am sure that the mud covered most of the rocks when wet, and that as the mud dried and contracted, the cracks formed and the mud shrank and settled around the rocks, creating the little “volcano” shapes around each rock.

Then, as nature always does, in the midst of the dried and lifeless scene, a tiny plant found just enough moisture to grow foliage and bloom.

The painting is done in transparent watercolors on 15″ by 20″ Arches 140# cold pressed rag paper.


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