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Memorize the Moment 1

This is the first of two paintings he gave this name “Memorizing the Moment”. This name defined the idea behind his artwork which you can read about in this artwork’s description by my Dad, Barry Sweeny, the artist of this work.

This painting is an exemple of what my mission as a painter is all about.

There are sometimes very special moments in our lives when we experience such a profound ‘high’, such a special insight, or such a wonder-full feeling in nature, that we don’t want to leave. We don’t want to forget that moment. We want to take that ethereal, almost intangible experience with us and hold onto it.

My art work is dedicated to capturing just such moments and allowing us to dwell in them and enjoy them more often and more fully, whenever we look at the painting.

This is such an attempt, and its title, “Memorizing the Moment” says it all. Perhaps she is about to leave this place but has had a great time while here. She’s quietly sitting on the ancient rocks, listening to the breeze in the trees, watching the water lap the shore, maybe watching for a little sea creature to appear in the tidal pools. She’s “drinking it all in” so she can re-experience it again later when she needs to still her heart and mind.

This is painted in transparent watercolors on 22″ by 30″ Arches 100% cotton rag paper. The only exception is the use of opaque w/c in the lighter branches of the pines which needed to come forward more into the sun light.

It is an expression of the many rocky shores on which I have sat, memorizing the moment-Lake Superior, Maine, California, Washington, and Oregon to name a few.


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