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The Custom Painting Palette

I was amazed to find out that my Dad had created his own watercolor painting palette. He was clearly dissatisfied with all the palettes he had tried throughout his professional career as an artist and creating his own palette was his solution to achieving the perfect tool for the job. Here is what he wrote about his watercolor painting palette.

This picture shows my watercolor painting palette. I have tried many commercially available palettes but found they each have limitations from my perspective.
1. I want paint arranged according to the color wheel. That way finding paint is intuitive and the color relationships are
clearly evident from their placement.
2. I want colors at the center of the color wheel (browns, grays, etc.) to be those which are mixed from those at the edges of
the color wheel. I also placed Payne’s Gray (I use no black) and opaque white there in the dark marker circle.
3. I want plenty of mixing areas which are placed at the corners, out of the way.
4. I primarily use transparent paints, which are arranged toward the center, but I also want an opaque version of each
color, which are arranged in the ring around the outside and outlined by dark marker. I rarely use these but I
sometimes need them for highlights, etc.

The palette was cut from wood with a router, then painted with several coats of white enamel to seal it. The color wells are sized and placed so there is room next to each to write characteristics of the paint – granulating? pigment #, manufacturer, staining?


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