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Storm Watch on Vero Beach

Yet another watercolor done from a Florida vacation scene. Here is what my Dad Barry Sweeny, the artist of the piece wrote about this work of art.

A warm, relaxing day at the beach. Warm water. Warm breezes. Peaceful moments.

While my wife floats on her inflated ring, bobbing on the gentle waves, I am chilled a bit and head into the beach to sit and warm up in the sun.

As I relax there, I am wondering if I can find anything worth painting. If I don’t find something to paint, it’s going to be a long, tiresome day. I am not the beach person my wife is.

While I am considering what to paint, a chill is felt, the wind picks up some, and the sky out over the water starts to turn darker. “Wow”, I’m thinking. “I could sure paint that, but it would be a wierd, messy ‘wet-in-wet’ painting.”

As the wind increases, the life guard runs a pennant up the pole and sounds the warning. Everyone gathers their stuff and heads for the cars. The trees, sea oats, and grasses whip around. Leaves pull loose and blow across the sky. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Instead of running, we stand and watch. It IS a storm “watch”, right? After all, we were just wet from swimming, so what’s a bit more water?!

Of course, I eventually catch a photo and we head to our car too. We wanted to stay and knew we should go. But we enjoyed that minute or two observing nature’s power.

The painting was done later on in the studio. It is a transparent watercolor on 15″ by 20″ Arches 140# cold pressed 100% cotton rag paper.